Nanstallon - a village in the heart of Cornwall
(Population: circa 600)

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Nanstallon is  a peaceful village in the Camel Valley, close to the Cornwall County Town of Bodmin, in the Duchy of Cornwall, U.K.
and a Roman fort...

A 1st century Roman fort was excavated at Nanstallon in the early 1970s by Aileen Fox and the late Professor W.L.D. ‘Bill’ Ravenhill. Up until recently (2007) it was the only Roman fort in Cornwall but following a geophysical survey a second Roman fort has been found 9km away near Restormel Castle. Contructed cAD55–60, Nanstallon fort is situated in the middle of Cornwall near the Fowey-Camel trade and communication route, (The Saint’s Way). Nanstallon was probably a forward operating base and was strategically well-placed for a Roman presence to be felt. However, the Legion at Exeter was withdrawn cAD 75 and with no Roman town west of Isca Dumnoniorum (Exeter), Cornwall settled down to four centuries of nominal Roman rule.

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About The village...

Like so many villages these days we have no shop, no post office, nor even an pub! Nevertheless we are a vibrant and flourishing community!

We have a Primary School,  Methodist Chapel and St.Stephens’s Church (Anglican), and the amazing ‘Institute’ which along with the Chapel gives us our community space regularly used for live music, art and craft exhibitions, and ‘special events’.

Nanstallon Magazine is published 6 times a year and publishes reports on local events, dates for your diary, and any items of general local interest. It is issued free to residents.
Nanstallon from above
(John Wood)
Nanstallon : Ordnance Survey 1:25000
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